Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is an email we received and are posting with permission from the customer.

Hello Connie,

I received your information from a former bride of yours, ----,.  Not sure if you remember her, but herwedding was June 26, 2010 at Cafe Funchal.

I have tasted cakes from Konditor Meister, Montilio's, Confections in
Fall River, and even one from "The Cake Lady" over in South Weymouth,
MA and I just wanted to let you know that the cake at Denise's wedding
was by far the BEST cake I have ever tasted......HAND DOWN!  I still,
to this day, talk to everyone about that cake.  JUST AMAZING!  I'm not
sure if it is wrong (or sad) to say, but it was so good, that I had
about 4 pieces of it, didn't feel well because of consumer so much,
and still say it was the best cake I've ever had.

That being said.  I was wonder if you just do regular 10-12 inch,
double/triple layered cakes, aside from just doing wedding/birthday
cakes?  I have raved about your cakes so much to family members that
they are now forcing me to purchase one for the holidays.  I'm not
looking for anything fancy, HOWEVER, I'm definitely looking for the
same cake that was at Denise's wedding.  I did ask her and she said
she believes it was a white wedding cake with a filling of white
chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries.  I'm HOPING this is an
option as I don't think I will have another opportunity to taste
anything like that cake again.

Thank you Scotty!

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